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I think I see the square I knit in there- I sent it last week. I just wanted to say that I hope this blanket is something Ari can pass on through the generations to keep everyone warm, knowing that it was made with love and is an everlasting tribute to his mother- an inspirational and beautiful woman. xo Meagan.

Taryn Oakley

My 2 squares are there! I have never met Kelly or her family, but her story broke my heart. I hope this blanket will remind Ari that even though his mama is gone, there are many other mamas out there watching over him. Love to Ari. xoxo

Nina (Nö's Familie)

Dear all,

my squares have arrived, good.

They have made all the way from Germany over the Atlantic to give Ari comfort and something to cuddle in when he is feeling sad or whatever.
May he give it on and feel the love we all have put in the little squares to make one big blanket.

Mine are the striped squares. I made three as they stand for Kelly, Matt and Ari as well as for Love (red), Hope (green) and Peace (blue).

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to take part in this project of sharing comfort! Thank you Tonya for making the blanket as one and thank you Nicole - for everything!

Sending warmth and love over the Atlantic,


Garden Mama

Dear Nina,
Thank you for sharing this love and for sharing what your squares stand for. 
Sharing the sentiments that surround the squares is a huge piece of what makes this quilt as a whole so full with love! xo


To this day, I scout around my home looking for blankets here and there to wrap around each one of my children. If I wrap myself in a warm cozy blanket, I feel comfort, love, safe and warm. Pure wool is alive with lovely energy. I handspun, dyed and knitted Ari the Sunny yellow square with a pure wool blue felt centred heart. The yellow was inspired by our warm universal Sun...who unselfishly shares warmth to all.

With love
Suzanne from 'Down in the meadow'
South Africa

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