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Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

This is such a great idea! Count me in! I'll e-mail Tonya.

Garden Mama

Beautiful Nicole!
I am thrilled you will add to this blanket of love! xoxo
(I am still working on getting the badges up, probably tonight)


I just located my copy of Living Crafts; I'm definitely in. Thanks for putting this together, Tonya!


I will be doing this, and I will post about it on my blog to find more knitters. Kelly's story has really impacted me. Thank you for giving me a way to help.

Tulsi Leaf Traders

I'm in!


i just emailed you tonya...i'll knit as many squares as i can between now and the deadline. what a wonderful way to send some love to that little man....



Wonderful! I'm in !

AG Ambroult

I'd love to contribute to this blanket. I'll email Tonya now.

Funky Mommy

I am in too...how many rows? I will check out the issue of living crafts. But definitely count me in! What a great idea!!!

Valarie Budayr

Count me in too. I'm getting my sticks and yarn right now.


What a great idea. Sorry, though, I don't know how to knit or crochet. I stick to the sewing machine. I hope you'll post a photo of your finished product. Such a sweet thing to do.

Garden Mama

Thank You!


Thank you Tonya, as I just posted in Garden Mama's space, I am in and really appreciative for such a wonderful way to come together again in our efforts to create. So wonderful!


Garden Mama

Thank You!

Garden Mama

Thank you for sharing this love and support!
Please make sure to email Tonya and she will answer any questions.

Mousy Brown

Me too! What a wonderful idea - I'll email Tonya now x

Garden Mama

Thank You!


I feel honored to knit a square for this special family...I am new to all this and have come to this blog via my daughter's blog...this has moved her so much that I want to be a part of this wonderful, giving group of woman...I have already started my square.

Garden Mama

Thank you Susan.
I appreciate your kindness, from the bottom of my heart.

Healing Hillary

I am in! Just let me know the details!

Garden Mama

Thank you Hillary!
Please email Tonya and she will share with you any details for this project.

Nina (Nö's Familie)

Tonya will get a piece from us as well! This is the best thing, all love from us Mothers being sewed together to a cuddly warming cozy reassuring blanket!

Thank you for this idea Tonya and Nicole!

XX Nina

Garden Mama

Thank you Nina, I am very excited about knitting together this love and happy you will be a part of it.
Please make sure to email Tonya for details. xo

Nanny Pumpernickel

Thank you so much for sharing,I just started knitting and will e-mail Tonya as soon as I have my little square ready.
Heartwarming project.
Hugs from Holland,Dees

Garden Mama

Thank you, I appreciate your loving contribution.

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