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Nina (Nö's Familie)

Thank you for sharing these words Nicole! I would like to make something for Ari and Matt as well...

XX Nina

Garden Mama

Thank you dear Nina!
I have emailed you with my address.

Plain and Joyful Living

Thank you reminding me of the needed prayers Nicole and for letting us all share in this time.
After I read your post yesterday morning, I cried. Then I spent the day experiencing joy in all the daily ups and downs of living. I came to the conclusion that we are here on this earth to help others and to love others - it is that simple.
Kelly's journey was a gift to all of us and this is the gift she gave me.
I continue to pray for her family and friends.
Love, Tonya


I have not written here in the past few days because I just simply don't know what to write that I think will make a difference in the pain Kelly's family is feeling. However, I feel I must jump in and say how sad I'm feeling for their loss. It must just seem like a bad dream. I am thinking of them, especially Kelly's son Ari, who will not get the opportunity to have his mom growing up. Thinking of Ari and all the family. Sending healing thoughts and love, Kyndale

Garden Mama

Thank you for sharing these wise words Tonya.
I am finding this lesson in life these recent days of taking joy in life even through sadness and I also believe this is a gift that Kelly shared with us.


I have enjoyed the piece of Kelly that she shared with the world. It saddens me that the world will now miss that, but even more so that her young family and friends will miss her. My thoughts are with her family. If you would email me, I would appreciate somewhere to send my thoughts. Thank you.


WOW This blog is a gift to all of us.
I am packing up my home and moving away. I made 2 wool filled pillows and the covers are hemp cotton. 100% organic. I did not sell them and I wanted them to go somewhere important. This is the home I wish them both to go. Please let me know the address so I can ship them. Many blessings.

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The Wellness Project

.: Sentiments From Kelly's Best Friend:.

  • "It's like we are in a hot air balloon and cancer is a lead weight and then everyone's loving thoughts and actions are like the flame from the burner, lifting us up higher than we started."