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It is with much sadness that I add myself to the many that have quietly admired Kelly, who have prayed that she would be healed, who have thought positive thoughts in hope of a brighter tomorrow. I quietly would like to add my name to the list of many who hold you in my thoughts and prayers. It is my gift to be blessed by the friendship of Kelly's mother, Susan. I can only begin to imagine the woman that Kelly was as I treasure the friendship of her mother more than you could know. I wish with all my heart that life would have turned out differently for you, Matt and Ari. I wish there would be something that I could do or say that could take your pain and loss away. All I know to do is to add my name here to let you know that I care, that I am so very sorry, and that with time my hope is that once again you will be lifted above the pain that this great loss brings. I am so very sorry.


Wow. I'm so sorry to hear this. I truly believed when this journey started that Kelly would be healed and spend many more years enjoying her husband and son. I'm so sorry, Matt, for the loss of your beautiful wife and, Ari, for the loss of your wonderful, loving mama. I would be honored to create something for Matt and Ari in Kelly's memory and will be praying for both of them continually.


Your words are true and deep Nicole. The days to come will be fraught with the chaos of uncertainty and new life, even as they struggle to hold onto yesterday. You try to hold onto all you know, only to be faced with a clock that refuses to stop. yesterday will always be in the past, but eventually reminders of happy days peek through. It is a long process and I wish much strength (despite always hating when people called me strong- you survive because you have to. It is not a choice) to you all. Love is necessary and I wish you all much of it. Find strength and support in those around you.
Warm hugs

Nicola@Which Name?

Oh no. I find myself speechless, full of sorrow, and streaming tears. My greatest hope is that Ari always remember some part of her.


I am a friend of Kelly's mom, Susan. My heart goes out to Matt, Ari, Susan and family in the loss of Kelly. I am so very sorry Susan. Know that I am here for you and send warm, loving thoughts your way. Love, Kathy


(((Matt, Ari))) I'm so sorry. There are no words. Just tears and loving thoughts.

Nina (Nö's Familie)

I am very sorry to hear Kelly has passed away!

It makes me very sad to hear (read) about Kelly and the difficult time for her Family and friends. I am lackig of words for the pain I feel inside when I think about her husband Matt and her little son Ari. Kelly has been so strong and she believed in her ability to live - even with constant therapy but still...

But to belive in her being there with her soul which will hopefully be able to give Ari (and Matt) some little push in the "right" direction when they have questions they can't answer (may it be a birds twitter, a breeze of wind, the sunshine in the trees or anything else in the desired moment), to belive in her always being there because she IS always there (as I wrote in the comment), she is a part of the future through her son, because without her Ari would not be, she is in him physically and that is a hope that keeps me from crying whenever I think of Kelly...

Love from us,



It is difficult at a time like this to think you feel part of this family but you are so far away and have never met. The wellness tree and visiting Susan's blog has given me a connection to kindred spirits who have become a part of our daily lives. We have shared prayers and positive thoughts. It has brought opportunity for discussion where our children ask how Kelly is. We all send love and light from our family to Kelly's.

with love


I am truly sorry for the loss Kelly's family have experienced. She really did seem to be one of those special people, and I pray for comfort for those left without her light in their lives, especially Matt, Ari and her parents.


So sad ...
I give the wind some strength and love and blow it in your direction.

Love, Daan


So very sad to read of Kelly's passing. What a beautiful tribute you have written here Nicole. Kelly has shown such inspiration to us all and my thoughts and prayers are with Matt and Ari and Kelly's friends and family at this sad time. May Kelly's joy and light in life continue to shine and give you all strength in the days to come.
ginny x


So sad ... my thoughts are with Kelly's family.
Thank you Nicole.


I wasn't able to finish reading this past the first paragraph, but I wanted to send my sympathies and love and light to Kelly's family. And thank you Nicole, for being the bridge.


We continue to send love and prayers to Kelly's family as we honor her beautiful spirit and generosity.


I read your sad words last night, Nicole. And I've been to this page at least four times to write something but found nothing to write. So I quote Washington Irving:

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.”

Wishing Kelly's family peace...eventually.


my heart is so heavy this morning, and has been since i got your email last night. kelly's spirit touched us all and her inspiration will never be denied.

i send my love and open arms to her men, her mother and her immediate circle of friends. i hope they can find their ways by following kelly's light, through this next journey in their lives.

i have in mind a couple things to make and hope that we can all continue to share and learn from this extraordinary mama...

thank you so much nicole...you too have been a blessing in all our lives...



continued best wishes for your family. i am so sorry for your loss, and so glad you were able to be together.


Kelly was a wonderful woman, mom, daughter and friend!
I'm sorry for this great loss.
I wish you all much strenght!

Patricia xoxo


My family's prayers are with Kelly's family for comfort through their grieving at this time. Blessings for Nicole and all of you who have contributed to this blog and the gifts that were sent. You are all a part of something wonderful, full of hope and love. May this continue for ever!


Our family is so sorry for your family's loss and our prayers for comfort and understanding are with you.

The Orchard

I am deeply saddened to hear of Kelly's death. I keep thinking of her little love Ari and her husband and how different their lives will be now.

My thoughts and prayers are with them.

With sympathy,

AG Ambroult

Tears and a faint smile on my face, as I grieve for Matt and Ari, but hold joy in my heart for the mark she left on this world.

. tiny twist creative .

Oh my heart breaks for you. Kelly has been on my mind and in my prayers since I read about her. She is a beautiful lady. Matt & Ari, I am praying for you as you all are going through this tremendously difficult journey.


This is Kelly's sister Erin writing
Thank you for the beautiful tribute
and for letting more of the world know what
an amazing person my sister was and for everyone's
deeply felt condolences.
We called each other
"sissy" and she was the best sissy ever...so accepting
of other people for their differences, so giving even
she didn't have a lot monetarily, so creative
making beautiful collages and crafts out of nothing
so smart...often acknowledged by her students at
college as being one of their favorite instructors, a nurturing
loving mother, wife and friend. I still can't believe she
is no longer here but then I try to find comfort in
knowing that she is "here" as long as she still influences
others to be like her. My mom said Kelly had lots of friends and she made
sure her family knew them well so that we will at least all have other
now that she is gone. And we will be there for Matt and Ari too.
Thank you again Nicole and everyone here



feeling light heavy love for kelly. and for ari and matt, erin, and kelly's mama. for all of us. loving.

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