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There are no words. I am sending everything beautiful from across oceans. Hugs. Warmth. Comfort. Air tissues. More hugs.


When someone touches our souls so strongly, we know that there has been a long deep history. It is so wonderful that you could have travelled with your friend this time too.

May you feel the need to mourn, heal and become her light again..

Warm regards
Suzanne ( down in the meadow)


You were such an amzing friend and supporter to Kelly. Your teamwork and friendship really shone through your blog. I am so happy I stumbbled over to notion and threads, but am sad I did not have more time now to spend in that space with you and Kelly. I will be thinking of you often, and be praying for you and your mourning period, however long it may be.

Love, Lisa


i have been unable to comment since kelly passed. there aren't words. your words shared here are lovely and i thank you for sharing them. my heart is with you all. what a loss to feel! what a true blessing to have someone so close and dear to for so very long that you got to share so much with. your love for one another makes my heart sing! we should all have friends so dear.

Nicola@Which Name?

You are a very lucky lady to have had such a treasured friendship. It sounds like you were sisters. Keeping you all in my thoughts.


I just came across this blog via hopping around. What a wonderful story you have shared. My condolences on the loss of your friend. What a great tribute you have made. Your words make me appreciate my good friends even more - thank you for this gift.


i don't have the words. my girls and i have followed your stories, made ornaments, knitting for ari, creating for matt, and through it all my heart is so full of just how special kelly was to all of us. she affected so many people and touched the lives of those of us who will never really "know" her. but we did...thank you kandyce, for sharing your friend, your words and your love for kelly. she will be missed..

much love to you dear lady....xoxoxoxo

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  • "It's like we are in a hot air balloon and cancer is a lead weight and then everyone's loving thoughts and actions are like the flame from the burner, lifting us up higher than we started."