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Will be starting my gift tonight or tomorrow. I'm making a quote journal for Matt to record all those funny little things Ari is already saying or is bound to say. I love writing down the funny, hopeful, witty, smart and crazy things my kids say that I don't want to forget. Hope that will work.


You've got so many ideas here, Nicole. I will be sure to contribute, but need some time to think about what would be best. The photos you share here are very sweet and incredibly heartbreaking.

Garden Mama

Thank you Sarah, I appreciate your support and contribution.

Garden Mama

I love this idea so very much Grace.
I would love to see more ideas like this!
I appreciate the thought and love you are putting in. xoxo


This sounds like a lovely thing to do.

Bless her and her family.


I would love to create something for Kelly's son. What a lovely way to help support this family.


I have some little toys knit up that i am stuffing tonight for Ari. I will be starting a couple other things to put into the box as well and am still thinking of an idea for Matt...

these suggestions are very helpful. my girls want to do some things as well...so we will hopefully have a box of things to send you in a couple weeks...

thank you again nicole..those photos are so heartwarming.


Valarie Budayr

I feel so sad about this. It's taken me a couple of days before I could come to this space. It's such a comforting thing to be able to continue creating for this family. I love Suzanne's idea about gathering books. I would like to create a book bag filled with family favorites. Thank you Nicole for all that you do. Big hugs and blessings.

Garden Mama

Dear Valarie,
I appreciate the strength it took you to come to this space.
A book bag filled with family favorites is very, very beautiful.
Thank you dearly xoxo

Garden Mama

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxoxo


I have a hat ready to go. I am on a mission to use up my leftover balls of yarn and just finished a hat last week for no one in particular. Until now that is.
Could you let me know what I should do next?

Garden Mama

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Karen.
I will email you with the mailing address for The Wellness Tree.


With news like this it is often worsened by not being able to DO anything and feeling disconnected. Thank you for bringing us together so that we may give our handmade offerings showing support. Please email me with the address to send, I have some ideas in mind.

renee ~ heirloom seasons

I'm sure you have noticed that I have not been sharing words here, I just get stuck...
but of course I would love to contribute, don't know what or when but I will let you know.
Sending so much love to Kelly's family xo

Garden Mama

I know Renee, it takes time to find words... mostly, there are no words.
I appreciate your love and support you sent today and am so thankful you will be a part of this.
I see your heart ornament in Kellys photo here : ) xoxo


I am honored to make something for Kelly's son. I am going to make a birthday name banner that can be hung for his big day and many other birthdays to follow. Just tell me where to send it and I will start making it ASAP.
Again I am so sorry for your loss.


You are doing a good thing Nicole by giving people a sphere with which to express their grief. So many people do not know what to say or do, but through this project you are helping them still help. The book "Living When a Loved One Has Died" helped me after my husband passed away. It is an easy read that lets you know that you are not alone, when that is all that you feel. "Tear Soup" by Chuck DeKlyen & Pat Schwiebert is a sweet book as well (geared towards young teens, but appropriate for any age). Good luck with your projects and may you find comfort in your grief.

Garden Mama

Thank you Katherine, I appreciate these book titles you have shared.
I realize you are very aware of this situation through your own husbands passing.


I will definitely be thinking of what I can contribute!

Mousy Brown

I'd love to knit a hat for next winter Nicole - thank you for organizing this xxx

Garden Mama

Thank you for sharing this love, I am deeply grateful and will write you down!

Nicola@Which Name?

I would like to make and contribute a gift. Thank you,


I am going to participate and make a toy for Ari. I spoke to my sister who is an artist and she would like to paint a watercolor portrait of Kelly for Matt. Please ask Joy if she can email me a high quality photo attachment, perhaps even multiple ones, that she thinks would make a nice painting. I love that picture of Kelly carrying Ari on her back. She was a beautiful and inspiring woman and I am so grateful to be able to create something in her honor, as is my sister. Blessings and love,


I would like to send some books if I may. Please let me know where to send it. Words cannot express my deep sadness of hearing the news of Kelly's passing.

Rae Grant

Nicole-Very sorry to read about Kelly passing. I'd like to send the family the trilogy of my books. Please also send me the address...

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